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Update regarding best practices during COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

To our valued patients,

At Renew Aesthetic Clinic, we are maintaining our regular hours Tuesday to Saturday 9-6. We are also committed to providing the safest care for our patients. Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, we are taking the following special measures:

  • When arriving at the clinic, please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands
  • We are disinfecting all high-traffic or high-touch surfaces throughout the day

If you meet any of the below criteria, please call the clinic to reschedule your appointment:

  • Have symptoms of fever and/or cough
  • Have traveled in China, South Korea, Japan, Italy, or Iran in last 14 days
  • Have been in close contact with someone who tested positive from COVID -19 in last 14 days

We want to assure you that we will continue to update our practice based on the advises of CDC and our local government to keep our patients and employees safe. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 971-470-3186.

Renew Aesthetic Clinic Completed Lip Casting Model #2


Lip Casting Call Model #2: Renew Aesthetic Clinic completed our lip casting model #2 Injection yesterday with another STUNNING IMMEDIATE BEFORE & AFTER photo (1 syringe Juvederm Ultra XC). Again our lovely model is Filler naive, yet she did awesome during the procedure and her results speak for itself. Our injector Yvonne Yan Duan, FNP is at the top of her performance, not only for artistic talent (symmetry, shape, and natural), technical skills (no lumps, swelling, or bruises), and also for consistency-the result is as good as Lip Casting Call Model #1’s result. And she does this five days a week for every patient, now that is consistency difficult to find!

Yvonne Yan Duan Advancing Her Injecting Skills by Attending a Master Class

Yvonne Yan Duan, FNP with Arthur Swift M.D. and Swift Beauty Master Injection Class in LA in May of 2019 in a red top in 2nd row on the right 2nd with her signature braided hair style. She enjoyed learning many new injection techniques, particularly the lower face lift or “Swift Lift” which is been used everyday in Renew Aesthetic Clinic nowadays.  The Master Injector Class attracted many international attendees, altogether more 60 injectors attended this class.

After 12 years of uninterrupted career in injecting Botox and dermal fillers, Yvonne Yan Duan is as committed to advancing her injecting skills as she started in 2007, she has already set her eyes on the next challenge and advanced injection technique. If you are interested to learn about our new injection techniques with dermal fillers, please call 971-470-3196 or visit We often offer Lunch and Learn opportunities where we reveal new techniques and technologies offered in our clinic.

Replacement Fillers can Lift and Contour to achieve Natural and Beautiful Results

Dermal Fillers can lift and contour to achieve natural and beautiful results as illustrated in these BEFORE and AFTER photos.  To a well trained aesthetic medical professional, it is obvious where and how much dermal fillers should be placed, provided one has “the eye” and “the artistic talent” beyond the basic medical training that is required to perform a safe filler procedure.

To most of our patients, the process is as important as the outcome. Patients nowadays prefer no bruises, no pain, above all results that are easily discernible, natural, yet beautiful.  As the famed plastic surgeon Arthur Swift M.D. often been quoted saying to his students in his Master Injector Class: “If you bruise them, you will lose them!” “If you pain them, you will not retain them!” “If you make them look weird,  you shall be feared!”

It is not difficult to see why smart patients shop for their injectors instead of shopping for fillers. These patients understand that only the best injectors can achieve the best look!


Good Treatment Results in Darker Skin Type Melasma Patients using LaseMD 1927 nm Thulium laser by Lutronics

This patient suffered from melasma most of her adult life. She was treated at Renew Aesthetic Clinic by Yvonne Yan Duan with LaseMD using integrated handpiece with Zimmer. She was very comfort in each 3 treatments. The treatment interval was 4 weeks.  Each time Tranexamic acid Serum was nanonized and applied immediately and used at home twice a day x 4 daysf. LaseMD’s multilayer cellulose mask was applied x 20 minutes in the clinic before patient was released home following each treatment. Overall little downtime or skin healing time were experienced. This patient is very pleased with her results. The maintenance regimen recommended by our clinic include (1) daily use of SkinCeuticals Color defense,  a layerable, daily-use serum formulated with 3% tranexamic acid, 5% niacinamide, and 1% kojic acid. (2) SPF 50 daily or more frequent application with sun or water exposure. (3) One LaseMD treatment every year for maintenance. Consultation is complimentary, please call 971-470-3186 will visit for consultation appointment.

Kybella for Double Chin

Weather is changing, Kybella treatments are in season again at Renew Aesthetic Clinic. You may either schedule a few days of social down time or wear a scarf to cover the swelling in the chin area and return to your routine. The result speaks for itself and it’s permanent when the treatment series are finished. Early results can be seen in the post photo in 10-12 weeks post treatment. On sale 3 vials $1,350 (reg $1800 ) and 4 vials $1,800 (reg $2,400). Proper assessment of the anatomical structures of treatment area and dosing are critical for good results of Kybella treatments. Proper delivery is essential to avoid unnecessary complications for this procedure. Call for a complimentary consultation if you are interested at 971-470-3186 or book your consultation appointment at #npyan #renewaestheticclinicportland #kybella #kybellaportland #kybellatreatment #kybelladoublechin #botox #juvederm #voluma #lasemd #femilift #cellfina #skincare #skinhealth #antiaging
Sclerotherapy treatment on leg veins in Portland and Beaverton

Sclerotherapy treatment in action

Sclerotherapy treatment on leg veins in Portland and Beaverton

Yvonne Yan Duan FNP performing sclerotherapy in her clinic today. She has been performing this procedure since 2008. Sclerotherapy is often recommended the first choice for cosmetic spider vein treatment. It is safe and effective in the hands of well trained, skilled, and experienced provider. Asclera is a commonly used agent. Multiple treatments are most likely needed to clean up one area. Compression hose wearing immediately after this procedure is used to improve treatment outcomes. For complimentary consultation or treatment appointments, call 971-470-3186. #npyan #sclerotherapy

How much volume is in one syringe of a dermal filler?

How much is one syringe of a dermal filler? Most HA Fillers are 1 ml or 1/5 of tsp per syringe. When informed this fact, most are surprised how small the volume is in each syringe. An excellent Dermal Filler Injector must be knowledgeable about each filler’s unique characteristics, so the appropriate filler is chosen, further the injection amount, site, and depth are determined accordingly. Coupled with medical training and artistic sensibility or “an eye for beauty,” may the injector deliver consistent result of making every patient younger and more beautiful. As you may discern, the final outcome of each injection is largely determined by an injector. Choosing the best injector is the only way to meet your expectations.#npyan